Is your deck looking shabby? Is it looking worn and weather-beaten?

Veteran Custom Painting  can recondition your exterior wooden deck.

After the cleaning, we prevent water from penetrating the deck surface so we can extend the life of the deck, as well as enhance its final appearance.

We offer professional:

* Deck cleaning

* Sealing

* Staining

Wood that’s constantly exposed to sunlight and moisture will quickly begin to degrade. If you leave your deck untreated you can expect it to turn gray with age. In addition, the decking boards are likely to cup, warp, and split. Ignore the problem for too long, and you’ll have to make major repairs — or even replace entire sections of the deck.

Decks also suffer from a variety of common problems caused by normal wear and tear. Wood becomes loose or cracked. Boards become flexible and springy, which can cause accidents. Handrails start to loosen. The support posts grow old. All of these issues are correctable.

We will come to your home, examine your deck and make the necessary repairs to ensure that your deck is ready for the spring and summer seasons.

When decks are beyond repair, your local handyman will most likely recommend replacement. 

What makes us different?

* Experienced

* Dependable services

* Full Preparation, Repairs & Clean-up

* Free estimates in Killeen

* Licensed and Insurance

* Quality Control

* Competitive Pricing

* Supervision & Inspection

* Honest and Reliable

Add life to your deck by protecting it from spills, stains, and weathering. Whether you need your deck stained for the first time or you need a complete restoration, we can help you.

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